Archival Room

Archival Room Policy

Barker Local History Room

To assist in the preservation of the materials in the Archival

Room, all patrons entering must follow the guidelines below:

*Patrons must sign in and out at the circulation desk

*All coats, books, purses, briefcases, etc., must be locked in the book return closet. Library staff will return patron items upon signing out

*Patrons may take pens, pencils, loose-leaf paper and notebooks in

*Materials located in Archival room do not leave the room. If patron requires copies, please ask for assistance

*Library staff shall inspect all materials when patron leaves

*Patrons using microfilm reader/printer shall place microfilm back into proper box and leave the box on top of microfilm cabinet

*All prints from the microfilm reader/printer are .25¢ (including mistakes) Please pay clerk at front desk

*There is a 60 (sixty) minute time limit on the microfilm/reader printer when others are waiting

*Archival room is not intended to be used at a private space. Use of this room with printed materials or microfilm is under the supervision and guidance of a CPL staff member. The Conneaut Public Library reserves the right to restrict access to this room at anytime.

Thank you for your assistance in preserving the materials located in the

Barker Local History Room/Archival

Adopted by the BOT Date: 3/26/15